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Cleaning - InfoBarrel

There is no escaping cleaning. Be it your home, person, clothing, workplace, school, hospital and more, all will become dirty with time. Of course, you can choose to ignore the fact that such items and places need to be cleaned, but for how long?< read more...

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Does it Work as Well as Chemicals? by Stacey Barr

Green Certified Carpet Cleaning Services: Does it Work as Well as Chemicals?

by: Stacey Barr

People will often ask me for green cleaning solutions used on carpets that are safe for kids and pets. Or, they will ask if I use chemicals read more...

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How to clean your car upholstery

If you use your car every day, the upholstery won't look as elegant as it did when you first bought it. But if you clean the upholstery regularly, you can maintain a fresh interior for those daily commutes.

Know how to clean a mess

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14 reupholstery tips from a pro

Story highlights If you replace your cushions, ask the upholsterer for 60% down and 40% featherA good upholsterer should be willing to say no if your choice isn't rightIf you want to take a big design risk, do it with throw pillows and keep the so read more...

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Arizona Home Invasion Caught on Video

(Image Credit: ABC News)

A horrific home invasion was caught on tape in Arizona and two of the three suspects remain at large.

The vide

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Chemdry is an easy and healthy method of carpet cleaning

Despite all hue and cry and precautions, you are bound to face a number of blots and stains over your carpet and other places. You will not need a professional help from cleaning such as small and trivial kinds of stains as these can be cleaned si read more...

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Home Depot investigating 'massive' hack

The company on Tuesday confirmed it has partnered with banks and law enforcement to look into "some unusual activity" relating to customers.

Independent cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs was the first to report this, saying "a massive n read more...